Tran Family

Mommy & Me Session

It was a bit of a cold evening when I met up with the Tran family for their Mommy & Me session, but the sky was clear and we would be able to see the sunset. We all got acquainted as we walked together into the park.

This boy loves his Mama — that’s for sure. What he loved less was some of our posing ideas, such as laying on Mama (who was laying on a picnic table). That was SCARY (but downright cute)!

This little guy was also pretty unsure about sitting up on anything with or without mama. Not entirely unreasonable considering he at one point slid behind the log he was perched on. He was sad, but was soothed by mama which led to this:

A mother’s love is incredibly strong and healing. It turned out to be a wonderful night and a beautiful series of images full of love. I look forward to more Mommy & Me sessions to come.

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