Moms are superheroes!

It is 2:30 a.m. as I sit here writing this. After a weekend of “extreme” mothering, anxiety has finally lessened, and yet for some reason, I cannot sleep. My brain won’t shut off. I’m thinking about how Moms are superheroes.

Over the past few days, I soothed chaotic emotions, supported self-discovery on multiple levels with multiple kids. I was also attempting to calm a new foster dog. I was reminded of the importance of moms to their children and their families as a whole. Moms are superheroes.

Little boy is comforted by his mother. Moms are superheroes.

I realize mothers often downplay the things we do. I can feel that I am not good enough. At times, I can wonder just how poorly I may be doing this job.

And then there is the Coronavirus

And then came the coronavirus. COVID-19 has brought anxiety, fear, need for sheltering in place, working from home, and kids doing online school. Many families have been together 24-7 for weeks on end. It feels like an overwhelming mess and we extend that to ourselves.

Anyone else spending hours and days in sweat pants, pajamas, or your robe? Do you know where your makeup and/or hairbrush are these days? When is the last time you took a shower? I can’t remember those things right now for myself – you may be there too. Also — trust me on this one, we are not alone.

We all deserve a spa day every day, but it isn’t happening for now or probably any time soon. Nonetheless, we are beautiful just as we are. Moms are very important to those we love, whether we feel beautiful or powerful right now, or not.

Moms don’t always feel like superheroes

One of my children went undiagnosed with an issue they’d had since before they were born. I know the heartbreak of feeling as though you haven’t done enough. I have felt less than perfect. With our children, we want to be perfect – whatever that may be. However, perfection in parenting does not exist. All we can do is try our best. Every day we connect and care beyond what is even fathomable, and all of this means being a mom.

This “lockdown” of shelter-in-place, albeit incredibly frustrating, especially the longer it goes, has had its upsides for sure. Many have reconnected to our family in ways that would not have happened without this pandemic. We have been in our homes for innumerable hours at a time. We have spent time de-cluttering them, cleaning them, organizing them, and beautifying them (or not).

I have one child who would be happy to shelter-in-place all year long. He would, however, miss his favorite restaurant hamburger on the regular. My teen, on the other hand, is NOT made for this kind of isolation. It has been hard for them as an individual and hard for us as a family. The mothering involved in this balancing act has reminded me of how doing our best has to be enough.

Photography in the time of COVID-19

As a lifestyle photographer, I love capturing families in all kinds of locations. I do find there is something special about an in-home session. There is a comfort and special feeling in these sessions because they take place in that place where you live. Children can excitedly share their toys and their rooms.

At this incredibly unique time in our history, I cannot (and should not) come to your home and photograph your family. While I cannot capture your special moments and love for one another right now, it remains. Someday, things will open up. One day, we will be able to get together outside for a session. Eventually, in-home family sessions will happen again safely, just not for now.

I know that when I am planning a family session, it is Mom who most often contacts me. Mom coordinates the dates, the outfits, the location, and everything else. Mom multi-tasks to make the photography process run smoothly. just as she does every day for those she loves. Another example of how Moms are superheroes.

Mom’s are essential workers

With or without photos, we will all remember this time in the history of the world. There are so many lessons learned from COVID-19 and its impact on the world. One of the lessons for me the importance of moms. Moms are important, not just for their own families but also for the world and its healing. If we love and care for the world in the way that most mothers love and care for their own children, healing will take place.

Just like our families, we mothers are under enormous pressure and need to remember self-care. In this time of family at home together, children around the world need their parents more than ever. Moms are essential workers at home. They are essential workers outside the home. Sometimes, moms are essential workers both inside and out of their homes. I see you all. You are VITAL.

Photo of a superhero toy. Moms are superheroes.

YOU are a fricking rock star– a SUPERHERO. Your hair may be out of control (cause let’s face it – none of us has been able to get a trim, haircut, or color for weeks now). You may feel as though you haven’t got it together but day in and day out, you are there. Happy Mother’s Day to you just a little bit early, and well honestly, all year long! Always remember and never forget — Moms are superheroes!

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    Yay! Love this, Sue, Mom’s are Vital

    Love your Mother!

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